Untitled thoughts

Today I’m grateful for the underrated breath that fills me with life every second of my unconscious living; for the ever rising sun that nourishes my DNA to evolve into a stronger species; and to the largest organized system that holds and allows our existence: the plants: we cannot breathe without them, we cannot feed … More Untitled thoughts

Yay #nutcheese 

Winter is around the corner again, and it may nut be so fun if we don’t gradually adapt our eating habits for our bodily needs. Is it crazy that I came back to writing (and continuing my deepinproject) after quite some months, with the nuts subject? …hmm something to think about. Anyways, upwards and onwards … More Yay #nutcheese 

Seasonal changes

Though short in my conscious mind,  this winter has been a bit heavy on my unconscious…and its totally reflecting on my eating habits now that the cold is fading away.  Under all the layers that prevented the cold to sneak into, laid the seeds that are now sprouting for this fresh new spring; but if … More Seasonal changes

Food as shelter

Of all the comfort “roofs” we can put above our heads, food is by nature The easiest to come by with, but, we tend to abuse its warmth. It’s very handy and on the go to our fast-tech-nomad living, but the comfort from the disgrace end up being just a few bites away from each … More Food as shelter

#deepin findings

A year ago a dream started to take real shape, and so I began writing this blog. As every single thing, it changed a lot. The idea was right, but I was (to my delicate mind) homless still, therefor I managed to write random thoughts whenever I believed I had something to release. And it … More #deepin findings